Rhetoric Farm fanzine

Keith Haring drew this cover live at the Phoenix Art Musuem

Tucson Arizona. Late 1980s.

If you were into music, fiction and photography. If you lived in Tucson in the late 80s you probably read my fanzine Rhetoric Farm. Well, I dug these out of storage and have started posting the pdfs of the issues. We talked to Henry Rollins of Black FlagKeith HaringExene and John Doe of X, published features on Pakistan, and ran lots of poetry, fiction and art photography.

Read every Rhetoric Farm now.

We launched a fanzine to cover the punk crowd, stories from the 818 Club on Speedway, Nino’sClub Congress.

Fourth Avenue for ads and paletas. 5th Street to hit Wrex Records.

We actually did some cool stuff and had a lot of fun. We interviewed Keith Haring, who even illustrated a cover, and published some very bizarre fiction and comics.

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