How your bad mood defeats online fraudsters

Our collective and personal mood is balanced so delicately today that it seems a slight wind could push it from bad to good to mediocre to anything in between. The US is experiencing more people quitting their jobs than ever before, buildings are collapsing for seemingly no reason at all and shootings are peaking. And the pandemic. Is it over? NewContinue reading “How your bad mood defeats online fraudsters”

Are NFTs the Emperor’s New Clothes?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the hot new thing. New online marketplaces are popping up to sell everything from digital art to digital homes that you can’t live in. You may have noticed, for example, I have a $69 million digital artwork at the top of this post. (Impressive, yes?) You can get the Beeple artwork for yourself by simply hitting right-clickContinue reading “Are NFTs the Emperor’s New Clothes?”